Liland was started in 1980 to participate in the auto parts aftermarket.  It was founded by Charles T. Li, Jeng San Li and J. Richardson.  The new Liland Global, Inc. is currently positioning itself for the global marketplace.

At Liland Global we specialize in manufacturing automotive aftermarket parts including fuel tanks, filler necks, straps, and radiators.  We have hundreds of models for most manufacturers, domestic and foreign.  There are scores of models exclusive to Liland.  We have superior inventory, superior customer service, and are price competitive.  Our Research and Development Group is adding new models continually.

 At Liland Our Mission is very simple.  We want to understand the marketplace and its needs, address the individual needs of our customers, create a high value proposition with each of our customers.  At the core: business with honesty, integrity and fairness.