FOR-06-A & FOR-06-SS

Liland Global announces the release of the FOR-06-A and FOR-06-SS fuel tanks, designed to fit the Ford-E-Series Super Duty.


1999-2010, 55 Gallon, Rear Tank, Gas & Diesel, Dealer list price: $4500.00


This model is electrostatic powder coated.  It’s dimensions are 41 X 34 X 18, with a weight of 132 pounds.


This is our stainless steel model. Stainless steel fuel tanks will not delaminate (rust internally).

Liland Fuel Tanks

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The FOR-06-A and FOR-06-SS fuel tanks fit ambulances, disabled access vans, mini school buses, U-Haul, FedEx, UPS, and other E Series chassis with rear 55 gallon tanks. Contact us to enquire.